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This time with a unique character
Presenting a good southern military car

Captain Vetri Selvan from a young age
He was abandoned by his parents at a military training school.

A reliable soldier of the Indian Army
The team members are like family.

One day, their team called Section 42
He started to be sent to serve in a place where he was called.

Section 42 means fifty years
An uninhabited place is strange
The group that was sent before them was under section 42
They shot each other and died.

Vettri and his crew are at that place
I had to face the same bad fate. Why did the soldiers shoot at each other when they arrived at that place?

What kind of strange thing is behind the…
What strange enemies Captain Battery and his crew face
What we have to face is… we have to continue to look at it.

File size…1.8GB / 883MB
Quality…1080p WEB DL / 720p
Format… mp4
Subtitle….Myanmar Subtitle (Hard Sub)
Translated by Poe & ThetKo & Shwe Pyae
Reviewed by OeliuJ